04. How to move/reclassify residents in between households

To move residents to their proper household:
  1. Head to the residents page and filter the Household Name the with word "Unclassified"
  2. This will show you all the residents that needs to be put into their proper household.
  3. Go to the household section and search if an existing household is suitable for the resident. Use the filter builder on the bottom left corner of the table to search for an existing household.

    If there is an existing suitable household already existing, take note of the household name.

    Then head over to the residents page to assign it.
  4. Save the record.
  5. If there is no appropriate household for the resident, you can simply create a new one using the household module:

   6. Once done creating a new household click on "Save". Then go back to the residents module to reclassify the resident into the newly created household.

Happy encoding!